Thursday, 26 June 2014

Beauty and the Bride ... look gorgeous on your D-Day !

Love is in the air! For all those who are looking at tying the knot this wedding season, here are a few tips to look absolutely stunning on your wedding-day.

The preparation starts much before the D- Day. Ideally start planning at least three months in advance so that you can look beautifully radiant with a natural glow on your wedding day.

Three Months:

 Maintain a healthy diet... Consult a dietitian. Make a diet chart that suits your lifestyle
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and stick to it. With each morsel remember that you will look gorgeous on your D Day.
 Meditate...Take time out for yourself, put on some soothing music and meditate for at least an hour. A calm mind will help you manage the wedding stress and also help you reduce the stress and tension lines on your face.
Exercise...Make an exercise regime for yourself. Walk, Run, Cycle or Swim – It is the best cardio that you can get. Remember to take up a toning regime as well. Pilates or yoga will be a perfect complement to your cardio.
Beauty Regime...Cleanse tone and moisturize with religious fervor. Use sunscreen every time you go out. Oil, wash and condition your hair every week to maintain the luster of your hair. Don't miss out on eight hours of beauty sleep. That is the best remedy for avoiding dark circle under your eyes.

Two Months:

 Hit the spa... A soothing body massage will ease out your worry lines and relax you. Perfect for a stress free mind and fit body to charm everyone on your D-day. A good spa routine also defines body-posture and will tone your skin. Four weeks prior to your wedding date go in for a body scrub and polish. Make sure you have a gap of at least 4-5 days between the last routine and your D-Day. It will give your skin time to heal and look absolutely glowing!
Perfect time to go in for the final fittings of your trousseau... You would be following your regimes in full swing and all toned up by now and looking gorgeous in preparation for your big day.

One Month:

 Make-up brands are of utmost importance... All cosmetic brands should be tried and
 and tested before application. Go in for a trial a month before your wedding so you know what works and looks best on you. Do the whole dry run, complete with hair and make-up.
Select a hair cut in consultation with your beautician... Your final selection should be in line with your D-Day hairdo. 
 The camera is the hidden ghost... It captures all the little details. Make sure you pose with a million dollar smile. Opt for teeth whitening via traditional routes or a famed dentist.

Follow these simple steps and come your big day you would look positively glowing and stunning … like a queen!