Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Top 5 Wedding Destinations

The regular marriage venue includes getting married at the neighborhood hall or the handful of five or seven star hotels in the city or a farmhouse on the outskirts of the city. But if you don’t want to have another regular wedding you can choose to have a destination wedding…in India! Liz Hurley and Arun Nayar, Katy Perry And Russell Brand all came to Incredible India to tie the knot in style. Knots & Hearts picks out 5 top wedding destinations that are their personal favorites and tells you why!

Katy Perry and Russell Brand during their destination wedding in India

India, a diverse country, has romantic deserts in the west, mountains in the north, lush greenery in the east and exquisite temples in the south along with beautiful beaches across the entire coastline to choose from. You can find every possible landscape right here and plan your dream wedding against a majestic backdrop of your choice! So here is a list of our favorite picks:

GOA! Goa tops the list for destination weddings in India. Beach, Music and Fun ! is what defines the perfect setting. The best time to hold a wedding in this city is December. Slightly chilly …but not too much and neither is it too hot. The perfect weather to ensure that the make-up stays perfect throughout the wedding on the sunny beach.

UDAIPUR! If you've dreamt of a royal grand wedding then Udaipur is the wedding destination for you. Royal, regal and grand! This city spells artistic brilliance and grandeur of royalty with its many castles, forts and castle styled five star locations. The groom arrives on a royal elephant decked in all its finery as the bride makes her way in a grand palki along with a full procession. Plan your wedding in October – just before the onset of the winters or in March – just before the summers roll in…for the perfect climate.

ALLEPPEY ! If you want a wedding steeped in Indian traditions then this is the place to be. Culture, simplicity amidst serene surroundings makes this Kerela city a perfect wedding destination for a classy wedding. Plan your wedding along the tranquil stretches of white sandy beaches dotted with coconut palm trees or take in a traditional styled boat to have an offshore wedding. It makes some of the most beautiful pictures as the wedding boat sails down the backwaters amid with the chants of the mantras.

HYDERABAD ! The Nizam royal city is the destination for a couple who wants to imbibe some of the Nawabi culture for a very unique experience.  Large palaces and forts are the perfect setting for a grand wedding. Add the melodious strains of the music from the traditional wedding bands and the lavish food buffet to it and you have the perfect setting for a dream fairy tale royal wedding.

INDIAN OCEAN ! So you are looking at a fun and contemporary style to have a wedding. Book a cruise liner and invite your whole wedding party to join you. Each ceremony can be on a different deck and done with a contemporary twist. A real romantic-do with formal balls, live musicians and vintage settings and six course meals in the main dining hall with chandeliers and the cool sea breeze floating in, transports you through time and makes this a memorable experience.