Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Why you need a wedding planner ???
~make your wedding the perfect occasion~
A wedding organizer is an expert who knows all your stress points, jumpy nerves and panic attacks. When it comes to arranging a perfect wedding you need to hire an expert! From the local flower vendor to the fancy fashion designers, this master has all the contacts on his fingertips. In the erstwhile days your favorite aunt or uncle could take up the role for you and chase down the flower decorator or bully the caterer into giving you a better deal. However, more often than not it was always their dream wedding and not the bride’s! Well, the bride didn't have a choice. She owed her aunt a favor. However, today the bride does not need to take up a favor…she can hire an expert to plan her dream wedding! The best part is the wedding planner makes sure that you take a chill pill on your super special day instead of turning into a bride-zilla trying to get things in place.
So, is a wedding planner ideal for you? Well, if you want your wedding to be an embodiment of flawless perfection, finesse, excellence and just totally awesome … an event that you will remember and talk about your entire life…then yes! We do recommend a wedding planner. Here are some more reasons why…
Are you a Busy Bee?

All set to tie the knot with your someone special but the boss is piling up your table with work? Not to worry, this is why you need a wedding planner. All you need to do is to connect with one and the rest will be history. Since wedding organizers are experts, they know the business much more that the normal individual, helping you to save your time and energy and maximizing the little time you can spend on the planning by helping you make quick decisions. Not only the décor and the food, your wedding planner also take care of your wedding ensemble, the jewellery, shoes , hair, make up … everything tailor made to your requirements. So, invite your boss with a BIG smile on your D-Day.

Are you planning a destination wedding?

To make your wedding day one-of-a kind you might be planning a destination wedding. Contacting a wedding planner in this situation is just the perfect thought. Wedding planners have all the important contacts to make sure that the things are right in place even when you are away from home. They make sure that you start your lovey married life in a whole new place with a bunch of lovely wedding memories. This way you will not be panicking at the last moment, looking for threads in an unknown city to tie the flowers bouquet together!
Are you the big money man?

So, you have got all the money you need for your wedding but do not know how to place it perfectly? Your wedding planner is here to help you out. They will work with you to set a plan and afterwards help you adhere to it. Keeping a record of each rupee spent on the detailing of your wedding also help you avoid over-spending. Understanding your wants and needs they will help you identify and allot your money wisely… while creating the most memorable wedding event for you and your lovely fiancé.
Are you tearing your hair out to get it all ‘just perfect’?
Someone says keep the royal theme and the other tells you to get it all flowery... and yes we know you have been collecting pictures from all the wedding and fashion magazine in your wedding scrap book and want to include one aspect from each of the dream weddings you thought you would plan. Unlimited Options + Unwanted Advice + Too Little Time = Hair tearing moment! Again! Again! and Again ! Well, you need to save some of those lustrous locks for the wedding as well. So we suggest you pick a wedding planner who will help understand and help you make the right choice. Once you pick a theme they will help you stay on track and take all decisions that will you create the perfect dream wedding! And yes, if you want to re-create your next most favorite theme you can call them up and just line it up for your anniversary!
Wedding is one of the most beautiful occasions for any spouse and you can go an extra mile to make it perfect. Did we mention that this would be one of the smartest decisions you will take! Hire the wedding planner and use your time to spend with your loved ones …enjoying every moment and celebration with them! Make sure you are there in all the videos and pictures …enjoying, celebrating and laughing!

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Top 5 Wedding Destinations

The regular marriage venue includes getting married at the neighborhood hall or the handful of five or seven star hotels in the city or a farmhouse on the outskirts of the city. But if you don’t want to have another regular wedding you can choose to have a destination wedding…in India! Liz Hurley and Arun Nayar, Katy Perry And Russell Brand all came to Incredible India to tie the knot in style. Knots & Hearts picks out 5 top wedding destinations that are their personal favorites and tells you why!

Katy Perry and Russell Brand during their destination wedding in India

India, a diverse country, has romantic deserts in the west, mountains in the north, lush greenery in the east and exquisite temples in the south along with beautiful beaches across the entire coastline to choose from. You can find every possible landscape right here and plan your dream wedding against a majestic backdrop of your choice! So here is a list of our favorite picks:

GOA! Goa tops the list for destination weddings in India. Beach, Music and Fun ! is what defines the perfect setting. The best time to hold a wedding in this city is December. Slightly chilly …but not too much and neither is it too hot. The perfect weather to ensure that the make-up stays perfect throughout the wedding on the sunny beach.

UDAIPUR! If you've dreamt of a royal grand wedding then Udaipur is the wedding destination for you. Royal, regal and grand! This city spells artistic brilliance and grandeur of royalty with its many castles, forts and castle styled five star locations. The groom arrives on a royal elephant decked in all its finery as the bride makes her way in a grand palki along with a full procession. Plan your wedding in October – just before the onset of the winters or in March – just before the summers roll in…for the perfect climate.

ALLEPPEY ! If you want a wedding steeped in Indian traditions then this is the place to be. Culture, simplicity amidst serene surroundings makes this Kerela city a perfect wedding destination for a classy wedding. Plan your wedding along the tranquil stretches of white sandy beaches dotted with coconut palm trees or take in a traditional styled boat to have an offshore wedding. It makes some of the most beautiful pictures as the wedding boat sails down the backwaters amid with the chants of the mantras.

HYDERABAD ! The Nizam royal city is the destination for a couple who wants to imbibe some of the Nawabi culture for a very unique experience.  Large palaces and forts are the perfect setting for a grand wedding. Add the melodious strains of the music from the traditional wedding bands and the lavish food buffet to it and you have the perfect setting for a dream fairy tale royal wedding.

INDIAN OCEAN ! So you are looking at a fun and contemporary style to have a wedding. Book a cruise liner and invite your whole wedding party to join you. Each ceremony can be on a different deck and done with a contemporary twist. A real romantic-do with formal balls, live musicians and vintage settings and six course meals in the main dining hall with chandeliers and the cool sea breeze floating in, transports you through time and makes this a memorable experience.   

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Beauty and the Bride ... look gorgeous on your D-Day !

Love is in the air! For all those who are looking at tying the knot this wedding season, here are a few tips to look absolutely stunning on your wedding-day.

The preparation starts much before the D- Day. Ideally start planning at least three months in advance so that you can look beautifully radiant with a natural glow on your wedding day.

Three Months:

 Maintain a healthy diet... Consult a dietitian. Make a diet chart that suits your lifestyle
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and stick to it. With each morsel remember that you will look gorgeous on your D Day.
 Meditate...Take time out for yourself, put on some soothing music and meditate for at least an hour. A calm mind will help you manage the wedding stress and also help you reduce the stress and tension lines on your face.
Exercise...Make an exercise regime for yourself. Walk, Run, Cycle or Swim – It is the best cardio that you can get. Remember to take up a toning regime as well. Pilates or yoga will be a perfect complement to your cardio.
Beauty Regime...Cleanse tone and moisturize with religious fervor. Use sunscreen every time you go out. Oil, wash and condition your hair every week to maintain the luster of your hair. Don't miss out on eight hours of beauty sleep. That is the best remedy for avoiding dark circle under your eyes.

Two Months:

 Hit the spa... A soothing body massage will ease out your worry lines and relax you. Perfect for a stress free mind and fit body to charm everyone on your D-day. A good spa routine also defines body-posture and will tone your skin. Four weeks prior to your wedding date go in for a body scrub and polish. Make sure you have a gap of at least 4-5 days between the last routine and your D-Day. It will give your skin time to heal and look absolutely glowing!
Perfect time to go in for the final fittings of your trousseau... You would be following your regimes in full swing and all toned up by now and looking gorgeous in preparation for your big day.

One Month:

 Make-up brands are of utmost importance... All cosmetic brands should be tried and
 and tested before application. Go in for a trial a month before your wedding so you know what works and looks best on you. Do the whole dry run, complete with hair and make-up.
Select a hair cut in consultation with your beautician... Your final selection should be in line with your D-Day hairdo. 
 The camera is the hidden ghost... It captures all the little details. Make sure you pose with a million dollar smile. Opt for teeth whitening via traditional routes or a famed dentist.

Follow these simple steps and come your big day you would look positively glowing and stunning … like a queen!

Thursday, 29 May 2014

Choosing THE Perfect Venue for Your Perfect Wedding

While you have various plans and ideas for your special and extraordinary wedding ceremony and reception, in order to bring it all into a reality, the first and very basic step would be booking the apt venue. What you want in your wedding and how it is going to be executed could greatly be influenced by your choice of venue. Therefore, keeping in mind some key points could prove to be very important. Before starting your hunt for venues take a look at the points below to include in your checklist that will help you narrow down your choices:

·         An Outstation Wedding or in the Home City | Location
·         Small & cosy or Royal & Grand | Style
·         Family Only or Family, Friends and Friends of Friends | Number of People
·         Regular wedding in a Banquet Hall or a classic but Outdoor wedding | Venue
·         Local or Exotic | Food 
·         Local or Cost Effective or Exotic or Celebrity Styled | Entertainment

Once that you have discussed and fixed on these basics with your fiancé, your practical task of choosing an apt venue would begin. The capacity of the venue and the available facilities and amenities along with accessibility of the venue will be a part of some of your basic parameters while selecting your venue.

Make a statement with the perfect venue ! 
Once you have shortlisted the kind of wedding you want speak to a few friends or relatives who have gotten married in the same city you have chosen and take down some suggestions for them. It is very important that you meet a representative from each one of the venues and get a go ahead on each item on your checklist and are fully satisfied that it meets every criterion on your list, before going ahead with the booking.

Also, make sure you check on the hidden costs and any possible insurance they have against property damage during weddings. Yes! We know weddings are a lot of fun but things do tend to get broken, torn or damaged during a wedding and the bridal party has to go through a lot of heartache when they are presented with a huge damages bill.

Once you re completely satisfied…go ahead and book the venue! You have ticked off a very important element on your wedding list! 

Get in touch with us at planners@knotsandhearts.com to plan your perfect wedding!