Thursday, 29 May 2014

Choosing THE Perfect Venue for Your Perfect Wedding

While you have various plans and ideas for your special and extraordinary wedding ceremony and reception, in order to bring it all into a reality, the first and very basic step would be booking the apt venue. What you want in your wedding and how it is going to be executed could greatly be influenced by your choice of venue. Therefore, keeping in mind some key points could prove to be very important. Before starting your hunt for venues take a look at the points below to include in your checklist that will help you narrow down your choices:

·         An Outstation Wedding or in the Home City | Location
·         Small & cosy or Royal & Grand | Style
·         Family Only or Family, Friends and Friends of Friends | Number of People
·         Regular wedding in a Banquet Hall or a classic but Outdoor wedding | Venue
·         Local or Exotic | Food 
·         Local or Cost Effective or Exotic or Celebrity Styled | Entertainment

Once that you have discussed and fixed on these basics with your fiancé, your practical task of choosing an apt venue would begin. The capacity of the venue and the available facilities and amenities along with accessibility of the venue will be a part of some of your basic parameters while selecting your venue.

Make a statement with the perfect venue ! 
Once you have shortlisted the kind of wedding you want speak to a few friends or relatives who have gotten married in the same city you have chosen and take down some suggestions for them. It is very important that you meet a representative from each one of the venues and get a go ahead on each item on your checklist and are fully satisfied that it meets every criterion on your list, before going ahead with the booking.

Also, make sure you check on the hidden costs and any possible insurance they have against property damage during weddings. Yes! We know weddings are a lot of fun but things do tend to get broken, torn or damaged during a wedding and the bridal party has to go through a lot of heartache when they are presented with a huge damages bill.

Once you re completely satisfied…go ahead and book the venue! You have ticked off a very important element on your wedding list! 

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