Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Why you need a wedding planner ???
~make your wedding the perfect occasion~
A wedding organizer is an expert who knows all your stress points, jumpy nerves and panic attacks. When it comes to arranging a perfect wedding you need to hire an expert! From the local flower vendor to the fancy fashion designers, this master has all the contacts on his fingertips. In the erstwhile days your favorite aunt or uncle could take up the role for you and chase down the flower decorator or bully the caterer into giving you a better deal. However, more often than not it was always their dream wedding and not the bride’s! Well, the bride didn't have a choice. She owed her aunt a favor. However, today the bride does not need to take up a favor…she can hire an expert to plan her dream wedding! The best part is the wedding planner makes sure that you take a chill pill on your super special day instead of turning into a bride-zilla trying to get things in place.
So, is a wedding planner ideal for you? Well, if you want your wedding to be an embodiment of flawless perfection, finesse, excellence and just totally awesome … an event that you will remember and talk about your entire life…then yes! We do recommend a wedding planner. Here are some more reasons why…
Are you a Busy Bee?

All set to tie the knot with your someone special but the boss is piling up your table with work? Not to worry, this is why you need a wedding planner. All you need to do is to connect with one and the rest will be history. Since wedding organizers are experts, they know the business much more that the normal individual, helping you to save your time and energy and maximizing the little time you can spend on the planning by helping you make quick decisions. Not only the décor and the food, your wedding planner also take care of your wedding ensemble, the jewellery, shoes , hair, make up … everything tailor made to your requirements. So, invite your boss with a BIG smile on your D-Day.

Are you planning a destination wedding?

To make your wedding day one-of-a kind you might be planning a destination wedding. Contacting a wedding planner in this situation is just the perfect thought. Wedding planners have all the important contacts to make sure that the things are right in place even when you are away from home. They make sure that you start your lovey married life in a whole new place with a bunch of lovely wedding memories. This way you will not be panicking at the last moment, looking for threads in an unknown city to tie the flowers bouquet together!
Are you the big money man?

So, you have got all the money you need for your wedding but do not know how to place it perfectly? Your wedding planner is here to help you out. They will work with you to set a plan and afterwards help you adhere to it. Keeping a record of each rupee spent on the detailing of your wedding also help you avoid over-spending. Understanding your wants and needs they will help you identify and allot your money wisely… while creating the most memorable wedding event for you and your lovely fiancé.
Are you tearing your hair out to get it all ‘just perfect’?
Someone says keep the royal theme and the other tells you to get it all flowery... and yes we know you have been collecting pictures from all the wedding and fashion magazine in your wedding scrap book and want to include one aspect from each of the dream weddings you thought you would plan. Unlimited Options + Unwanted Advice + Too Little Time = Hair tearing moment! Again! Again! and Again ! Well, you need to save some of those lustrous locks for the wedding as well. So we suggest you pick a wedding planner who will help understand and help you make the right choice. Once you pick a theme they will help you stay on track and take all decisions that will you create the perfect dream wedding! And yes, if you want to re-create your next most favorite theme you can call them up and just line it up for your anniversary!
Wedding is one of the most beautiful occasions for any spouse and you can go an extra mile to make it perfect. Did we mention that this would be one of the smartest decisions you will take! Hire the wedding planner and use your time to spend with your loved ones …enjoying every moment and celebration with them! Make sure you are there in all the videos and pictures …enjoying, celebrating and laughing!